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about Jax.Net

Jax.Net is an interface making JaxNet payments simpler to use.

About Us

Jax.Net is a payments platform that operates on top of JaxNet, which helps move value around the Multiverse.

Vinod Manoharan

Ajax Prime

Dr. Alina Karas




Payments are secured using Blockchain Technology and can only be signed by the transferor using biometric methods.


Pay anyone, anywhere in the Multiverse, without complicated paperwork. Transact in full compliance with KYC and AML policies.


Fast payments with finality of about 10-15 seconds for most transactions. Option for merchants to choose finality setting.

Our Mission

We organize value in the Multiverse. We do this by building products that ease the movement of value on JaxNet. Our core products are :

  • Jax.Net: Bringing Payments to everyone, anywhere in the Multiverse.
  • JaxNet Card: Pay on the spot, anywhere in the Multiverse.
  • Other Jax.Net Security Products.




Office No.5, 2nd floor, 33/34, Bohdan Khmelnytsky St, Kiev, Ukraine.
+380 68-838-8381

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